Welcome to Gilmour Design

With more than 21 years experience designing for the music and entertainment industry, Gilmour Design can supply original artwork, graphic design, liner notes and photography for your project. With a portfolio featuring more than 2,000 releases, I have the knowledge, background and experience to complete your brief from initial concept to finished, production ready artwork.

Please see a few case studies highlighting the range and variety of work I can provide.

  • Whitesnake ‘Made In Japan′ (Frontiers 2013)


    The first series of albums I designed for Whitesnake were remastered versions of their first six albums for EMI, originally released between 1978 and 1982 on the Liberty label. This in turn lead to an invitation to contribute a hand-painted Gibson SG, "The Serpent", based on the original cover design ...

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  • © 2007 Atlantic Recording Corporation (Illustration: Shep Fairey)

    Led Zeppelin

    In 2007, Led Zeppelin released 'Mothership', a new compilation album issued on Rhino via Warners. Utilising Shep Fairey's cover illustration, I was given the brief to produce artwork for a series of items to market and promote the album’s release, including a large number of press ads, several billboards, t-shirts ...

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  • ;From A Distance…The Event' (EMI 2005)

    Cliff Richard

    Although my work has been predominantly in the field of "rock" music, I've actually designed many releases for Cliff, including a large number of CD reissues, several DVDs and associated print ads. The pencil illustrations shown here were drawings commissioned for a TV advertised collection of Cliff's work, but to date ...

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  • Black Sabbath 'The Collection' (Castle 1999)

    Black Sabbath

    I joined Castle Music in 1993 because they had the UK rights to Black Sabbath and I wanted to redesign the existing CDs. When I began working on the initial batch of remasters in 1995, starting with 'Technical Ecstasy' (1976), through to 'Mob Rules' (1981), unbelievable as it sounds, I ...

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